You can eliminate your WHMIS training costs forever! 

We can easily customize our Premium WHMIS e-learning course to meet your particular needs. You can run this course on your own computers, server, or Learning Management System (LMS). It's a small one-time purchase that will ensure that you will never pay for WHMIS training again!


Our WHMIS training system is just the tip of the iceberg.  We can't wait to show you our portfolio of library and custom courses - and our two different web-based training delivery and tracking systems!


E-Learning Courses and Mastery Quizzes

    Library E-Learning Courses
    Custom E-Learning Courses and Orientations



    MyOTF - The Lean, Mean, E-Learning Machine
    DATS - Serious Integrated Management System Software


Our courses and software products are developed by Safety Management System specialists with multiple external auditor accreditation's in both B.C. and Alberta. With over 300 clients "Safety Certified", we are The COR Experts. Now, come see the cutting edge of content delivery, workplace efficiency, due diligence, and cost savings through embracing e-learning...


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Serious Software

We are learning management system experts and we have our own class-leading platform that you can use for your WHMIS course, and just about any other training content that you want to deliver online. For more information about DATS, visit
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